Operation of a Snow Pusher

                                      Snow pusher

     Snow pusher is a specially designed instrument to plow snow off the surface efficiently. This is usually used with wheel loaders, skid sheers, and backhoes while plowing. As the snow piles up very frequently in temperate zones during winter, Snow pusher has its best application in those days.

How snow plow works:

     Perpendicular to the direction of the plow, it has a curved moldboard that primarily pushes the snow along with it. Sidewall to the ends makes sure ice doesn’t go out of the plow, thus completely carrying the snow that is being plowed by the central moldboard. The bottom of the plow is short but has sharp ends which help to peel the snow off the ground.

     When fixed to the loader, the engine power of the loader and proper alignment of the plow with the ground carries the snow off the roads. Although it can’t remove the glass-like thin layer formings of ice, it works efficiently for huge piles of ice.

Variants in snow pusher:

      Snow pusher is a simple yet smartly designed plow. Depending upon the nature of application there are different designs to the plow structure such as trip edge support system, varied moldboard, and sidewall angle, rubber edge pushers with lightweight composite material attached at the bottom of the plow.

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